Skills Challenges

On this page, we will be posting a series of skills challenges, both easy for younger riders, and advanced for more experienced riders We will be running a Bronze, Silver and Gold Trix Challenge and a Mountain Bike Swiss Skills Challenge.

More details to come.

We have a specific Facebook Group for you to post your videos and photos of your skills achievements which is here:East Bradford CC Trix Group

Here are the first of our advanced skills:

Track Stand Swiss Skills Comp

Swiss Skills Front Wheel Lift

Swiss Skills Powered Front Wheel Lift

Ride a Narrow Plank or Skinny

Pumping Challenge

Here are some of the basic skills:

Bronze straight line

Scoot, Glide and Ride

Bronze Changing Gears on Command

Bronze circles

Bronze One handed and slalom

Bronze Push and Run

Bronze Taking a Bottle while Riding

There are also lots of videos on the British Cycling website on everything from choosing a bike to learn to Ride.

Check them out here: