Road training on Saturday Mornings at Richard Dunn


Our Older Youth Riders lining up for their race.

We  run road skills training on a Saturday morning as well as more advanced sessions during the week for older riders. Our club has had a strong showing in regional and national races for many years which has led to the introduction of our Development Squad training for the coming year, crystallising what was already in place.

Our riders take part in local, regional and national races with great success. We also run Go Cross races for our novice riders who want to have a go in a friendly environment.


The most important race league run in Yorkshire is the White Rose Youth League. It is regarded as an important league where many of our now professional young riders have graduated from. It is also where the Yorkshire selectors for Regional Schools of Racing (advanced tuition by full time Olympic Programme Foundation Coaches) are spotted and where selection for Yorkshire Teams is considered.

All British Cycling registered events such as the ones below will all be on the British Cycling website and can be found in the BC Calendar on the site as events are registered:

Provisional dates for 2017 are here:

2017 WRYL Date photo-1

White Rose Youth League Website

The White Rose Youth League will be adopting a new format for 2017 using all of the available circuits in Yorkshire. This should allow most riders to have at least two races on their nearest circuit.

League points will be awarded as previously with the best six results to count in each league.

Dates as proposed for 2017 are:

Rachel Earnshaw on the Podium

Rachel Earnshaw on the Podium

WRYL Wednesday Night League

19th April – Richard Dunn

3rd May -Hammerstones

17th May -Forge Valley

31st May -Wakefield

14th June -Richard Dunn

29th June -Hammerstones (Thurs)

12th July -Forge Valley

26th July -Wakefield

9th August -Richard Dunn

WRYL Thursday Night League

11th May – York

25th May – Leeds

8th June – York

22nd June – Leeds

6th July – York

20th July – Leeds

3rd August – York

17th August – Leeds

There is national level racing for Under 14 and U16 riders via the National Youth Series:

Event dates for the 2017 British Cycling Youth Circuit Series.


George Southby being congratulated by Joe Pidcock at a National.

Sunday 26 March
LVYCC National Youth Series Races

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 April
Sleepwell Hotels Isle of Man Youth Tour

Saturday 27 – Monday 29 May
North West Youth Tour

Saturday 3 June
Hillingdon Slipstreamers Youth Races

Sunday 18 June
Crit at the Castle

Sunday 13 August
Scarborough Festival of Cycling

Read more at—Schedule-0#rzmtJHKQfLXcwZeI.99

 Another local series is run at the Hammerstones circuit in Elland, these are well run events but not carrying the same importance as the White Rose Youth league.


Saturday Morning Races

11 March – Pedalsport Spring Circuits #1
8 April – Pedalsport Spring Circuits #2
20 May – Pedalsport Spring Circuits #3
17 June – Pedalsport Spring Circuits #4
15 July – Pedalsport Spring Circuits #5

08.45 – Under-8, £5 (£6 on day), 7 laps/10 minutes
09.00 – Under-10, £5 (£6 on day), 9 laps/10 minutes
09.15 – Under-12, £5 (£6 on day), 14 laps/15 minutes
09.35 – Under-14 (inc U14 & U16 Girls), £7 (£10 on day), 25 laps/25 minutes
10.05 – Under-16 Boys only, £7 (£10 on day), 32 laps/30 minutes
10.40 – 10.50 practice
10.55 – 3 & 4 Cat adults, £10 (£15 on day), 50 laps/45 minutes

Thursday Evening Races
11 May – Pedalsport Summer Circuits #1
8 June – Pedalsport Summer Circuits #2
20 July – Pedalsport Summer Circuits #3
3 August – Pedalsport Summer Circuits #4

19.00 – Under-14 & Under-16, £7 (£10 on day), 50 minutes
20.00 – 3 & 4 Cat adults, £10 (£15 onday), 50 minutes

Note – max field size is 40 riders. Please enter online to guarantee entry.

Contact Us: All race related questions can be emailed to