What is Cyclo-Cross?

Cyclo-Cross (often abbreviated to ‘Cross) is generally an autumn and winter sport but in Yorkshire there i15995058_1359609134111721_944599731004806364_os a thriving summer league. Massed starts make for exciting races, usually no more than an hour in length – and shorter for juniors, youths, women and veterans. There are also regular races for younger riders, usually separated in Winter into Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12. In Summer these races are often on a weekday nights and the races only split into Under 14 and Over 14.  Race length is dictated by times,

What is a Cyclo-Cross event like?

Lapping it Up! Cyclo-Cross races are usually multi lap events, held on short (typically less than a mile and often less than half a mile), grassy courses, generally in public parks or on school playing fields. Less technically demanding than Mountain Biking, Cyclo-Cross often requires riders to dismount to clear artificial obstacles – often wooden boards – or up steep, slippery bankings. The ability to swap smoothly and quickly from riding to running and back to riding in one fluid motion is a key skill for advanced riders.


Lucien Cuming at the National CX Championships 2017


Bike Facts:

Cyclo-Cross machines look very similar to road bikes, with dropped handlebars and thin tyres – however the latter have a knobbled-tread for grip, powerful brakes, low gears and better frame clearances to prevent clogging with mud, all of which adds up to make them easy to handle on the rough. Mountain bikes are welcome at all our summer and winter series events. Children can use any suitable bike as long as they have knobbly tyres and brakes and are in full working order.

Cyclo-Cross and Our Club

We have a thriving cyclo-cross section to club encompassing all ages from the very young to the veteran adults. We run weekly  specific cyclo-cross training most of the  year. See the youth and adult pages for training information. The sessions are run by Rose and


Our younger riders lining up for the start.

Mandy, our British Cycling Cyclo-Cross Coaches. Our club even has it’s own cyclo-cross pit crew including Rose and Chris plus lots of parents!

We have had great s15977264_1359615740777727_6024046746034029353_nuccess with our youth riders culminating in British Cycling U14 Series Champion and National Champion Euan Cameron as well as high up national results from other riders.15894302_10154401132960787_6325999258082073012_n


National U14 Cyclo Cross Champion and National Series Winner Euan Cameron with George Fox, Joe Parker and Will King.

Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross

Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross runs both 15875015_575311632674389_5123345854931811257_osummer and winter series, with other stand-alone events in-between. Winter events are usually at the weekends, whilst the summer ones take advantage of the long evenings and take place mid-week. Check out the YCCA website which has details of all the local races, age categories and information  HERE