East Bradford is at our nee home in Wyke.

East Bradford Cycling Club is at Wyke for this Saturday 1st October 2022

Club time:
10am to 12.00 Noon Skills
10am-to 1pm Roadies

Cycle training for children from balance bikes to 18year olds. From beginners to advanced.

Meet by the containers next to the circuit. Access is via the path by the side of the building.

New riders are always welcome, your first session is free and It’s £6pw with a £5 annual membership. You can book online below or just turn up on the day with the correct change.

Tuck shop- will be by the containers.

We let the local residents know that the circuit is not available for dog walking etc by flying a red flag from the flagpole while club is on. Please be kind and patient to the locals whilst they get used to our training times.
There are signs on all entrances to say that the circuit is in use when the flag is up and dogs must be on a lead away from the circuit.
You can pre enter using the link below or sign on the day:

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