EBCC Family Youth Hostel Weekend 24th and 25th March 2018

Kettlewell Hostel Weekend 2018

The date for this year’s hostel trip is Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March. For those who have not been before, riders start at various places and meet up along the way. Likely meeting points are Cavendish Bridge and a cafe in Grassington. We then ride together to the hostel in Kettlewell, arriving around 4pm. The following day we ride together to a short cafe stop in Hebden and then continue as far as Cavendish Bridge where we scatter and go our various ways.

This weekend is suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. You can make your starting point as far or as close to Kettlewell as you wish. You can ride on the rivet all the way, or just take it easy. You can even come by car!

Fine weather has been arranged for the entire weekend. The cost for bed nights is £19 for adults and £17-50 for under 18s. This is payable to me.

The hostel will provide meals. These are £11-50 for an evening meal (£8-50 for a smaller meal for under 10s) and £7 for breakfast (£5 for under 10s). The evening meal is 2 course and a vegetarian option is available. The breakfast is full English, again with a veggie option. There is also a breakfast option of porridge which is £3-50. The meals are all payable to the hostel at the end of the weekend. The hostel has a self-catering kitchen for those who want to cook for themselves. If neither of these options appeals, there are a couple of pubs in the village.

If you are interested in coming along, please let me know and send payment as soon as possible. The sooner you let me know, the more likely you are to share a room with someone you like and who doesn’t snore! Get in touch by one of the following methods:

e-mail: j_elwell@btinternet.com

telephone: 0113 259 0871 (leave a message)

spoken word: Rachel at roller training on Thursday

Or here on Facebook

Please mention this to anyone you know who has attended in the past or who may be interested, particularly if they don’t use Facebook.

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