Update Tour De Yorkshire Peleton

Tour de Yorkshire
For those who are on the confirmed list only!
Plans are now coming together and final details will be out shortly. It is likely We will be riding down from Dunns but we will post on Facebook and our website early next week.
Mandy will have Permission forms for all those children taking part on Saturday at club so come and get one if you are there. They can also be emailed to save time filling them in on the day and there will be blanks at Dunns as well.
Confirmned List:
Evan Abrahams
Sally Asquith
Laura Asquith
Dev Basra
Daniel Bentley
Phoebe Cole
Spike Elwell
Lucas Elwell
Joshua Fish
Florence Greenhalgh
Benedict Hannay
Partick Hardiman
Thea Hardiman
Jacob Harrison
Tom Hepton
Ryden Hindle
Harry Lockett
Jamie Newall
Sam Mason
Seth Metcalfe
Sam Morris
Oscar Muirhead
Thomas Osbourne
Huw Pacey
Luke Sayles
J A Stevens
J J Stevens
Ryan Thomas
Alex Wagstaff
William Wagstaff
Kate Watson
Joe Wignall
Declan Wiles
Finlay Wiles
Megan Wilkinson
Ewen Wilkinson
Finaly Wilkinson
Ethan Cassidy
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